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Eiger from the Jungfrau, photo by Reto Nyffenegger

SkyTrash Wingsuit Team escorted through Swiss Airspace

This summer the SkyTrash Wingsuit Team checked out some of the most iconic places any skydiver would want to fly over.  Out of Skydive Switzerland, the all-blue-SkyTrash suits flew their renowned classic tight formations over spectacular sceneries over Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen, and in front of the iconic north face of the Eiger. 

The team took the winter season in Dubai to push the formation flying even tighter, scope out the Swiss lines, practice the jumps to ensure safe and fun all around. 

With the right mindset and good training anyone can achieve great things

Mike Washburn

The shots in front of the Eiger are just breathtaking! The contrast between the magnificent north face with the white caps in the background and lush greenery below, makes it a unique location for a lifetime experience.

The team was exiting the plane just above the Eiger summit and flying towards the north face for a J-hook in front of it while maintaining the formation next to Eiger… sounds easy, right?! Until you see the mountain right in front of you – especially for the desert boys from Dubai! The ‘Wow’ factor is immense! 

Skydive Switzerland in Reichenback, photo by Reto Nyffenegger
Over Lake Brienz flying toward Interlaken, photo by Reto Nyffenegger

Over Interlaken, a stunning location where two clear glacier lakes meet, and Lauterbrunnen, an iconic air sports valley. For renewed beauty, SkyTrash spiced up the skies with smoke, creating blue contrails behind the formation and giving an exciting view for the photographer and people on the ground.

Photo by Reto Nyffenegger

SkyTrash Team members

  • Ivan Raibal (Spain)
  • Chris Petrov (Bulgaria), 
  • Isak Opedal (Norway)
  • Karim Wanis (Egypt)
  • Nicholas Scalabrino (Austria)
  • Michael Washburn (USA),
  • Alex Stont (Ukraine)
  • Reza Moradi (Iran)

SkyTrash Friends: 

  • Geraldine Fasnacht (Switzerland)
  • Nicholas Scalabrino (Austria)
  • Simon Fasnacht (Saint Lucia)
  • Vitor Benassi (Brazil)
  • Swiss Wingsuit Team: Reto Nyffenegger (Switzerland), Daniel Ossio (Switzerland) and Michael Schaub (Switzerland) 

Special thanks to Elliott the Skydive Switzerland manager, who made all this happen.

All Photos taken by Reto Nyffenegger

To find out more about SkyTrash and the cool stuff the guys are up to – check out their Instagram account 

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