Head-Up World Record

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Karine Joly’s description of the recent sequential head-up record

Image by Norman Kent

We left for a Florida state record, came back with a world record!

Again this year, we came to join Americans in Florida at Skydive City, Zephyr Hills, for a head-to-head state record.

Last year we closed a figure at 42 then 47, heads up. So the goal was set to be over 50 for 2024.

Injuries and last-minute cancellations have thwarted plans. So the organizers, Brad and Mallory Hunt, decided to bounce back by attempting a sequence record, of 2 and 3 points, which would become a world record. So a 32-person group was selected, while at the same time, a smaller 100% American group would attempt for a sequential national record.

Attempts begin and the 2 point record goes out on the fourth jump! We finish the day on a fifth jump where the 2 points are made again, but we are missing a few people for the third.

Head-Up Record

The next day, the moody weather only allowed us three jumps. Systematically, we realized the 2 points, but one or two branches lack time to validate the third. Then a day of strong wind kept us from leaving for new attempts… so we’re sticking to this very promising first day performance for next year!

  • Videomen : Elliot Byrd & Norman Kent
  • Judges : Jim Rees, Randy Connell, Amanda Owens Smalley
  • 7 nations
  • 19 American, 3 Brazilian, 3 Kuwaitians, 2 Germans,1 Belgian, 1 Turkish and 3 from France – Guillaume Doisy, Greg Crozier & Karine Joly
  • 3 women on the record
  • 2 Twin Otters – altitude 5,200 meters

Words by Karine Joly, Airwax

Head-Down Night World Record

Coming soon – report on the head down night record at Eloy, Arizona!

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