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RI Facility Closed

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Rigging Innovations’ Arizona Facility Closure Announcement 

The Curv, pictured here, will no longer be manufactured, though Sun Path will service and help existing RI customers, for example with spare parts

Sun Path Products regrets to announce the closure of its RI facility located at the Eloy Airport in Arizona. This decision, driven by unforeseen circumstances, comes with deep regret and heavy hearts. 

The primary reason behind this unfortunate closure is the City of Eloy’s departure from the original lease agreement for Rigging Innovations’ facility at 4910 N Lear Dr. The city’s redevelopment plans involve the demolition of the 50-year-old building to make way for modern hangars, necessitating the evacuation of the premises within the next two months. Regrettably, this decision has left Sun Path with no viable option but to vacate the property, as our hands have been forced due to this situation. 

This predicament compounds existing challenges faced by the company, including staffing concerns due to retiring employees, the difficulty in securing skilled personnel, and delays in transferring critical TSOs (Technical Standard Orders) essential for product production. Despite exhaustive efforts to explore alternative solutions, the combined impact of actions taken by the City of Eloy and existing company circumstances have led to the regrettable decision to close this facility. 

Throughout this transitional period, Sun Path Products remains steadfast in its commitment to serving customers and maintaining valued relationships with dealers. Efforts are underway to arrange alternative support avenues for RI products and services through different channels. As the TSOs dictate production locations, the company is regrettably unable to accept new orders for RI products until the TSO transfer process is completed. However, we will continue to provide servicing and spare parts for the existing RI product line. 

For inquiries or concerns regarding this closure and its implications, customers and dealers are encouraged to contact our customer service representatives at info@sunpath.com and info@rigginginnovations.com. We deeply appreciate your partnership, loyalty, and understanding during this challenging transition. 

Sun Path Products extends its sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this situation may cause and expresses profound gratitude for the unwavering support and understanding from customers and dealers. 

Warm regards, 

Sun Path Products 


No new Rigging Innovations products, like the Curv (pictured) will be built but Sun Path will provide support for owners of RI products

Question: So, you are no longer building Rigging Innovation products? 

Answer: Currently not at this time (since January 8th 2024) The TSO’s have not yet been transferred to Sun Path the process has been started, we are waiting on approval from the FAA. Having to close the manufacturing plant down in AZ we need FAA approval before we can start manufacturing in NC. 

Question: What about orders that are currently in queue for production? 

Answer: We are doing our best to make sure that all current orders are produced before the closing of the facility. With this being said, any customers that would like to switch their orders to Javelins, will keep the same delivery dates and will get the same/comparable options at no additional cost. 

Question: What about spare parts? Where will current owners of RI products purchase their spare parts? 

Answer: We will still be taking orders for spare parts. We want to assure all customers that they will still be able to purchase spare parts for their containers. 

Question: What about repairs? What do I do about any repairs needed for my container? 

Answer: Please contact Sun Path should you have questions on repairs. 

Press Release submitted by Sun Path Products

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