Wingsuit Exit Heading

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Espen Fadnes and Amber Forte rocking a 2-way WS exit

Matt Gerdes explains how setting the correct angle out the door gives clean air for everyone…

Video is part of the Quick Tip series by kravtofly

Wingsuit Breakoffs

Image by Mark Harris

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Matt Gerdes talks to Chris Fikes of Kravtofly about Wingsuit Breakoffs

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Meet: Chris Fikes

My name is Chris Fikes and I’m the founder of Krāv. I started skydiving back in 2013 and I quickly realized that I wasn’t content to remain a novice. I wanted to get better. I wanted to improve. I wanted to push myself. I wanted to learn from the best but I was limited, limited by time and money. I faced a problem and I found the solution, Krāv. Our courses give everyone access to the best instructors and coaching on the planet. Whether you’re fresh off student status or have thousands of jumps you can join the Krāv crew and start getting better right now. Whether you’re laying in bed at home, taking a break at work, on a weather hold at the dz or even “seeing a guy about a horse” your subscription to Krāv means you can be learning wherever and whenever you want. It’s always available because skydivers are always looking to get better.

Who’s it for?
You may disagree, but we think Krāv is great for everyone. Skydivers are a rare breed, we like to push ourselves and see how far we can progress our skills. We all want to get better and that’s who Krāv is for, anyone who wants to get better; plain and simple.

Krāv is a wellspring of knowledge; a gold mine of world-class instruction and coaching that you can watch over and over again until you know it by heart. Over the past two decades, the tunnel has revolutionized the way we progress and the speed at which we are able to improve
our skills. Our hope is that Krāv will provide a similar opportunity.

What is Krāv?
Krāv is a collection of expert instruction taught by the best flyers and canopy pilots in the world. Each course covers a different discipline of skydiving and is taught by a master. To be honest, Krāv was started out of a somewhat selfish ambition, we look up to these instructors
and wanted to learn from them ourselves. We imagined what it would be like to have all of that knowledge, expertise and skill available in one place and couldn’t help ourselves; the dream had to become a reality. So we made some calls, grabbed a camera and started filming. Well, it
was a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea.

Where are we headed?
We don’t know everything that’s in store for the future but we do know that learning from the people at the top is one of the most effective and productive ways of improving your skills.

Right now we have courses on Angle Flying, Big Way Skydiving, Canopy Piloting, Camera Flying, Wingsuiting, Strength & Mobility, and Vertical Flying. Our instructors include Luis Prinetto, Inka Cagnasso, Matt Gerdes, Ewan Cowie, Larry Henderson, Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher,
Curt & Jeannie Bartholomew, Jason Russell, Stephanie Strange, Dan Darby, Val Sobol and Pete Allum. And that’s just the beginning, we plan to continue to build out our library of courses and instructors covering as many disciplines as possible and flooding our user community with
tons of world class instruction. There’s no shortcut to being a great flyer, it takes training, hard work, and dedication.

Krāv - Do more, be better.

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