JetMan Vertical Take-off & Landing

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Magnificent end-of-year award for Yves Rossy and his team…

The concept of autonomous take-off and landing from the ground is validated during the first open-air test, which took place from a pontoon on the shore of lake Geneva.

Yves Rossy, “Jetman’, takes off and lands again

After many tests always ensured by a rope in a hall, the first and original “Jetman” took off vertically from its platform by the lake, then returned to land independently.

The ability to fly with these wings at speeds of more than 350 km/h, to do aerobatics, to fly in formation with other aircrafts and to climb to altitudes of 6,000 meters is finally increased by the autonomy of takeoff and landing from the ground.

Even if on the second flight, the landing was a little wet… the safety measures taken during the test worked, opening the door to an exciting continuation of the project for early next year.

Yves Rossy and his team wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to seeing you in January for more details on developments over the past six months and beyond.

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