Latin skydivers on their way to a record. Image by Luciano Bacqué

Latin Challenge 2024

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An impressive record by the Latinos that should stand the test of time…

Latinos delighted to be back at Skydive Perris for another record
Image by Luciano Bacqué

    It all started thirty years ago, when Fernando Gallegos and Alberto Alibrandi launched a project to promote and give visibility to the Latin American parachutists in the world. After many events, the climax of this project came when in 2008 in Venezuela, the largest formation ever made by Latin jumpers was realized.

    The fruit of their efforts is tangible, since today we have many Latin brothers who participate in the best teams and events worldwide.

    It has been 16 years since the Latin American community came together to organize a common goal, but on 9 June 2024 the Latin American team set a new record in the TBS (Total Break Sequential) category.

    • Record jump: Two-point 47-way sequential with full separation
    • Location: Skydive Perris
    • Aircraft: 2 Twin Otters and 1 Skyvan
    • Jump height: 17,500 feet

    From June 6th to 9th, 2024, athletes from 12 Latin American countries gathered at the Skydive Perris airfield to try to break the current TBS record. There were participants from. Argentina, Brazil, Panama, México, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Perú, El Salvador, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

    The first days were warm-ups doing 20-way jumps in three groups from a Skyvan aircraft.

    Once this was done, they began the second day to solidify the first point of the formation to later perform the record jump, which was completed on the third jump on Sunday, June 9th.

    Record 47-way Formations

    Record Organizers

    • Rafael Zevallos from Panama
    • José Ignacio Álvarez from Mexico
    • Pedro Ushizima from Brazil
    • Guillermo Gorg from Argentina
    • Fernando Gallegos from Peru
    • Alberto Alibrandi from Venezuela


    • Norman Kent
    • Luciano Bacqué
    • Roman Alba


    • Alejandro Montagna
    • Alejandro Rojas
    • Alfonso Saavedra
    • Ariel Mireles
    • Betina Del Valle
    • Brandon Díaz
    • Camila Orellana
    • Carlos Serrano
    • Carlos Wright
    • Celso De Mello
    • Daniel Rivas
    • Danielle Eliza Rizzo
    • Darian Aguilera
    • Diana Amarilla
    • Facundo Peradotto
    • Francisco Nieto
    • Franco Ferraro
    • Gonzalo Balerdi
    • Guido Rolando Muñoz
    • Guillermo Horacio Lascurain
    • Gustavo García Rojas
    • Ivan Zaldo
    • Jaime E Legaspi
    • Javier Fernandez
    • Joaquín Franco
    • Johnny Saavedra
    • José Galvez
    • José Ivamilson De Melo Vercosa
    • Josirê Do Nacimento Paiva
    • Karin Anzures
    • Karin Montaño
    • Karla Moreno
    • Laura Escobedo
    • Laura Poljak
    • Lolo Sevilla
    • Lucas Peri
    • Luis Villa
    • Luiz André De Souza e Mello
    • Marcella Rey
    • Marcello Nogueira
    • Marcello Vilar Lahas
    • Marcelo Ioras
    • Marcelo Vives
    • Miguel Cantoral
    • Nadya McDowel
    • Noelia Crovato
    • Octavio De Silva
    • Otto Guevara
    • Pablo Javier Orfila
    • Patricia Duttlinger
    • Raphael Gomez
    • Roberto Gonzalez
    • Tony Peralta
    • Tzunun Mexiac
    Image by Norman Kent
    Image by Roman Alba
    Image shows Poncho Saavedra by Luciano Bacqué

    Image by Luciano Bacqué
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    Jose has been Jumping since 1992.
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    He is one of the founders of Mextreme 4-way Team.

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