Lockdown Workout – Grip Strength

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Grip Strength Workout

AXIS Flight School is trying something new during the COVID-19 shutdown… 

In the first video – grip strength excersises

Grip Strength Exercises

Since jumpers and tunnel flyers are grounded for a while, AXIS is giving workout related videos a try on its YouTube channel. The new content is intended to support physical skills relevant to skydiving, rather than focusing on aesthetics.

In the first video above, we cover the topic of grip strength and share some of the exercises we do to stay in jumping shape.

Grip strength is an often neglected and underrated physical attribute that is vital for skydiving performance”

Video author Nik Daniel doing one of the workouts

Why work on grip strength?

There are numerous ways that strong and tough hands are beneficial to skydiving:

  • holding onto the aircraft and mock-up while setting up for an exit,
  • formation skydiving, especially during exits and spinning blocks,
  • manipulating canopy inputs,
  • packing parachutes, and
  • AFF and tunnel instructors who assist their students in safely completing a skill.

In order to develop grip strength, you can try a variety of exercises from our workout routine. By providing variation of each exercise, you can choose the intensity that is right for you.

Happy Training!

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Meet: Niklas Daniel

I am passionate about flying; be it my body, a parachute, or an airplane. It fills me with a great sense of fascination, curiosity, and purpose.
Coaching grants me the opportunity to share my skills and experience with those who have a desire to learn. I believe in building skills on a solid foundation and giving my students tangible evidence of their progress.

My coaching method is methodical yet holistic – incorporating physical as well as mental training, in a positive and constructive learning environment. I strive to find the perfect balance between ability and challenge for optimal engagement and enjoyment. My biggest reward as a coach is the joy of celebrating a student's "lightbulb moments", as they achieve their goals.

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