Ragnarök, the end of the world

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The event was started by Rikard Mogren in 2020 to bring together some of the best Swedish freeflyers and friends from around the world for a week of relaxed, high level jumping.

Full power during Ragnarök 2021

The following year however everything took a dramatic turn as we tragically lost Rikard to the Orebro plane crash in July 2021.

Ragnarök 2021 still went ahead, only weeks after his death and a few days after his funeral. We were all grieving together at the loss of our great friend. 

The event was a bit of a mess, as we all were. But we still came together all of Rikard’s friends, his partner Nina and his team mates Andre and Elias at the Aros Skydiving club, his new home.

We jumped together, hugged and cried. Then someone had the brilliant idea of doing a two way raffle so that we could all jump together and have fun, no matter what skill level people were at.

It was a sad and beautiful week that helped us be together at that time of sadness.

Angle flying over the beautiful Swedish landscape

It took me months to be able to go back and edit the photos – usually I edit within days, but this somehow kept getting pushed further back. I guess I just didn’t want to deal with the emotions they brought up.

Now we are starting to plan for Ragnarök 2022, remembering Rikard and the other friends who lost their lives in that crash.

Rikard meant much more to me than the short time we knew each other would suggest. It was the same for many. Hopefully we can continue to have this event embody his spirit and have a week for us to keep his memory alive.

We will always miss that giant.

Rikard Mogren

All photos are by the author – Roy Wimmer Jaglom

Photo albumRagnarök 2021

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Roy Wimmer-Jaglom
Photo by Bartek Olejowski

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