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How do you get your hands on The Mutant?

Author and Mutant Ambassador Pete Allum
Image by Ewan Cowie

Some of you have seen the UPT Mutant harness/container, maybe at a DZ as someone swoops by, at insanely high speeds, or in a social post. You may be wondering, what are the actual steps needed to fly one of those things?

The first step is to find out a bit more about it, this is done with a simple click on the UPT website here where you can read a little about the history and development of this amazing piece of kit.

If your curiosity was satisfied at that level and you realised that maybe you were not quite ready then that might be the end of that path (for now). However if that only just whetted your appetite and you are keen to find out more, then the next step is to click on the Mutant application tab and fill out the questionnaire. 

Author Pete Allum swooping in on the Mutant – note the supine position

Who is the Mutant for?

There are normally two types of jumper that want to put themselves into a Mutant. One is the paraglider/speedflyer who has a lot of skydiving and high performance wing experience, for these folk the step to the Mutant is an obvious one as they already appreciate what a supine harness can do. 

The next type is a competition swooper who has seen what these things can do on the circuit and want to take their Canopy Piloting game to the next level.

Fitting and Training

Once the application has been approved then the jumper can fill out an order form, pay the bucks and wait for the rig to be built at UPT. As the rig gets closer to completion, the local Flight-1 Mutant Ambassador is allocated to the jumper, who arranges a fitting and training date.

The fitting and training can take as little as one day or stretch out longer, depending upon the person. The first jumps are always done with a more docile canopy than usual. Then the journey begins!

Pete wearing The Mutant in an FS jump
Photo by Martin Skrbel

Demo the Mutant

When we started the Mutant training program there was always a desire to offer a demo option, where someone who was interested in the rig could try before they buy, without the need to purchase up front.

We now have demo rigs and the Vector Festival, this year in Gryttjom, Sweden 8th – 13th July is where the first official event will take place. We have been offering demos starting this year and some jumpers have already taken that step.


Because of the change in emergency procedures and very different flying style, this rig may not be for you. Even after the training you or the ambassador may decide that you are not yet suited. If you do decide that the rig is for you, then the cost of the fitting and training will be deducted from the eventual purchase price.

If you don’t fall into either of the above-mentioned categories, don’t immediately assume that the rig is out of your reach. We have had some successful applicants who come from a different background, for example lots of supine (paragliding/speedflying) experience but little skydiving, also some jumpers with disabilities that are accommodated more effectively in the supine harness.


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Meet: Pete Allum

36,000+ jumps
FS and CP national teams, world meet podium in both disciplines.
Flight-1 coach
FS indoor/outdoor coach
Baby free flyer, baby wingsuiter

Pete is proud to be sponsored by UPT, PD, Cookie, Cypres, L&B and Vertigen

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