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With the recent release of the Zulu-X, Aerodyne Research says it “offers experienced canopy pilots the chance to fly like nothing else”

Ivan Ayliffe, of Aerodyne stated, “The Zulu-X is Aerodyne’s most advanced 9-Cell offering yet. Building on the strong heritage of the Zulu, this canopy promises extra depth in terms of enhanced flight characteristics, thanks to a new airfoil and line trim.”

According to Aerodyne Product Development and Marketing Manager, Scott Lazarus, “The Zulu-X has been developed to accentuate the qualities of the Zulu that skydivers have come to enjoy, giving them a chance to fall in love all over again with an amazingly fun wing. We’ve packed it with great qualities like better opening staging, more intuitive and lengthened dive, better integration of harness response, more feel in riser, and an even greater response on toggle, also during flare.”

Early feedback

Top skydivers already had the chance to fly the new Zulu X – the early feedback…

Aerodyne says the ZuluX offers defined agility in turns, and there’s no better way to explain it. I also love the landing. With only a bit of wind, the longer dive allows the pilot to flare and stop without having to run. With the Low Pack Volume (LPV) option, the pack job is not hard work – even when the canopy is brand new.”

Patrick Passe

This canopy is really giving me what I expect as a daily pro skydiver jumping big ways, 8 ways or AFF: soft openings, good fun as I fly it, nice flares as I swoop and good safety when I land outside!”

Martial Ferré

After a slow start this year I could finally do the first 200 jumps on my new Zulu-X. Love the openings and the best: no panic attacks any more in zero wind conditions”

Dieter Kirsch
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Meet: Ivan Ayliffe

Ivan joined Aerodyne in 2020 as their new brand manager, fresh from a 20-year career in international advertising and communication. Based in Cape Town for now, he's eager to get his knees in the breeze, his brain on campaigns and his hands on American candy.

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