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Patrick Ness said: “It’s not how we fall, it’s how we get back up again”…

Really good to see complicated, technical jumps back in action
Photo by Kristian Caulder

Even if our annual P3 Spring Fling got knocked down last May by the 2020 Green Monster and we couldn’t fall out of airplanes then, we are resilient!

We got back up in the air, and fell out of Otters and Skyvans during P3 FALL Fling instead. Nothing can stop us – not for long, anyway!

That said, the event was smaller than it usually is.  With all the international travel restrictions P3 thought 36 sounded like a good number rather than the usual Perris Spring Fling 64ways.  Masks on at all times and the pretty complex sequential jumps which changed everyone’s slots every time were texted to the participants’ phones before each new jump to minimize dirtdive time.

Playing the sequential game 🙂

Footage by Craig O’Brien and Kristian Caulder
Video by Craig O’Brien

Oh, what fun we had! Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld’s imagination was over the top as usual, and we had the talent to make those intricate (and let’s admit it, a bit crazy) formations happen!

Photos are worth a thousand words, so I will stop this text here and let you enjoy the amazing shots Craig O’Brien and Kristian Caulder took of the event.

A Star is Born

The 36-way stars were a taster of things to come at the ‘Star is Born’ event to be held at Skydive Perris, June 2021, aiming to build the world’s largest star.


Once in a while there is a picture which captures that perfect moment of us sharing the skies together. Not being momentary visitors but actually being part of the beautiful skies we stared up at as kids wanting to fly in. This is one of those pictures…”

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
Dan BC’s favorite image from Fall Fling 2020
Photo by Kristian Caulder

More images on the P3 Skydiving Facebook page

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Meet: Celine Pelletier

Céline Pelletier
Céline started skydiving in 2009 in cold Quebec. Since then, she accumulated tens of national and world records (FS) and moved to sunny California, where she works at Skydive Perris as the Marketing Manager. She also is a USPA certified skydiving coach and has over 3,000 jumps. She is the bride in the famous red heart jump that got February in the 2017 USPA calendar.

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