9 jumps aged 90

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No-one has ever celebrated their 90th birthday like skydiver Pat Moorehead…

You don’t quit skydiving because you get old, you get old because you quit skydiving

Pat Moorehead

On November 20th, Pat Moorehead did nine skydives at Skydive Perris to celebrate his 90th Birthday. He started at 8 am and went on steadily to make one jump per decade during the following 5 hours, establishing a world record by doing so. Pat is the only active skydiver over 90 years old. 

Skydivers from various disciplines drew beautiful 90-looking shaped formations in the sky, and a couple of hundred people gathered from around the country to cheer him on!

’90’ formations in 3 orientations!

Pat Moorehead’s first skydive was in 1969, and in half a century, he has made almost 6,700 jumps. He was part of many movies and commercials throughout the years. Pat served in both the Air Force and Navy and retired as a Fire Battalion Chief in 1982. He is the founder of the Skydivers Over Sixty Society (SOS), which now counts over 2,500 members worldwide!

Pat Moorehead exits the airplane over Perris
Photo by Tom Sanders

Pat chose to take any proceeds from donations and sales of T-shirts to donate to the International Skydiving Museum and Hall Of Fame. Thanks to the generosity of several benefactors and the sale of over 250 T-shirts commemorating the event, he was able to donate more than $16,000 to the Museum. Amazing!  Now, what is he going to do for his hundredth?!  

Congratulations to Pat and the Skydive Perris team.

I’m not actually trying to set an example for anyone,  but if what I do inspires people to realize that aging is a gift that you can make something of – that’s great

Pat Moorehead
Pat landing, photo by Dennis Sattler

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Photo by Randy Forbes
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Céline Pelletier
Céline started skydiving in 2009 in cold Quebec. Since then, she accumulated tens of national and world records (FS) and moved to sunny California, where she works at Skydive Perris as the Marketing Manager. She also is a USPA certified skydiving coach and has over 3,000 jumps. She is the bride in the famous red heart jump that got February in the 2017 USPA calendar.

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