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The gadget everyone’s talking about – the Dekunu One – reviewed by Matt Boag

Dekunu One in Plane Mode

If an altimeter and an iPhone had sex, this is their baby !

It’s The One

Review by Matt Boag

I think it’s kinda funny how we all use all the super high-tech gadgets in our day to day lives but when we drive onto a dropzone it’s like we take a step back, until now… I’ve been jumping the Dekunu One since it was released in April this year. The Dekunu One is just like the name says, THE ONE!

It’s a new revolutionised altimeter with ALL the extras. Including amazing features such as a touch screen interface, jump run with run-in speed (my personal fave), ALL your skydiving data – fastest speed, where you exited, where you opened, canopy flight path… AND YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A COMPUTER GEEK TO USE IT 🙂

The Dekunu ONE is not just another alti. It is an awesome piece of technology that is going to take the sport to a whole new level, and I love it!

How many jumps have you done on yours?

Over 300 jumps now 🙂

Did you have a previous model, if so, what’s new?

This is the first model produced by Dekunu. It constantly updates itself every few weeks. So it feels like a new model every time I go jumping!

I did have a prototype 10 earlier but this device is on a whole new level. I was lucky enough to test the Prototype 9 at Funny Farm 2016, so I’ve kinda been using them since the beginning 🙂

Device in Canopy mode and showing Just Landed

Who is it suitable for?

All disciplines from flatty, freefly, wingsuit and canopy pilots!! There’s even a BASE mode coming out soon and there are rumours of using it for other air sports too! I’d recommend having at least 50 + jumps for the newbies keen to buy one.

What’s your favourite feature?

Hands-down the jump run direction and run-in speeds on the display. I get around to a lot of new DZs and this feature helps me a a lot.

You can watch your jump later on the 3D Viz option with all the speeds and movement

How does it enhance your skydives?

It gives you real time feedback of what you’re actually doing on your skydives; with this info you can learn and progress a lot faster and more safely.

It looks quite big in some of the pictures – what’s the size like?

It’s not THAT big, only a li’l bigger than the N3. You won’t even notice a difference. Yes the prototypes were a lot bigger back in the day, but Dekunu has come a long way since then.

Dekunu Cloud overhead map of a jump

Does it have unique features not offered on other hi-tech altis?

Yes ! Heaps ! The Dekunu Cloud is one of the major differences when compared to most altimeters.

What’s the most useful feature on the Cloud?

Just having super easy access to a variety of your stats from your jumps is great, the 3D viz option of your jump is my favourite; showing all the speeds and movement from your jumps in a video format ! Get ya nerd on guys !

Real time data under canopy lets you improve your pattern and landing

Is it good value for money?

YES – most good altis on the market are going for around $500 bucks PLUS buying a flysight too the cost will add up to be a lot more than the Dekunu. [The Dekunu One Pack costs about $390 US].

Best thing about it?

Jump run stats and the automatic updates. Also if you ever have an issue with it the customer support team are there to help pretty much 24-7 (Tracy is a legend!)

Sum up the Dekunu ONE in one line

If an altimeter and an iPhone had sex, this is their baby !

How do I find out more?

Check out the Dekunu website here

Review by Matt Boag (featured in photos)

Meet: Matt Boag

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