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The Ultimate Packjob, Step by Step, explained and demoed…


Ultimate Packing Video

PD’s Beau Riebe shows how to pack a Sabre-2, explaining the whys and wherefores of every step. Loads of hints and tips to keep control of the parachute and lines and make a nice, neat packjob.

With intro by John Le Blanc

Of course the best way to learn to pack is by personal tuition but this PD video is a useful guide, supplement and source of extra information.

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Meet: Hollie-Blue Allum

Hollie-Blue Allum has skydiving in her blood, being around dropzones from birth onwards. Grand-daughter of UK Accuracy Champion Michael Allum and daughter of 4-way Champion and Flight-1 coach Pete Allum, Hollie has her own style of infectious enthusiasm and laughter. She loves the sport, the people and brings a brightness and energy to every room she enters. Hollie-Blue is taking the marketing at PD by storm!

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